Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Covenants and By-Laws with Amendments
The links below will alow you to download the governing documents of our association.  All documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  Please be aware that there are amendments to the declaration of covenants for each phase of Edelweiss Estates.  Please be sure to view the appropiate ammendments for your pahse.
Governing Documents
 TitleSize (Kb) 
Amendment to Bylaws437.38Download
Articles of Incorporation96.84Download
Association bylaws (Amended 10-16)996.04Download
Change of Registered Agent--filed1,202.23Download
Clarification and Descriptions to Declaration347.45Download
Declaration of Covenants80.31Download
Document Retention Policy77.88Download
Edelweiss Estates Homeowners’ Association, Architectural Committee and Deed Restriction Committee Guidelines & Best Practices289.83Download
Edelweiss Estates Violations Procedures114.09Download
Guidelines for Alternative Payment Plans88.84Download
Guidelines for Display of Flags125.88Download
Guidelines for Solar Energy Devices136.55Download
Policy Regarding Transfer Fees54.58Download
Records Production996.04Download

Amendments by Phase
 DescriptionTitleSize (Kb) 
Aster Drive (Original Scan)Phase 2345.13Download
Augsberg Court (Not On-Line)Phase 7B80.31Download
Augsberg Lane (Retyped)Phase 7C82.49Download
Bernberg CourtPhase 7B241.43Download
Bernberg Lane (Retyped)Phase 7C82.49Download
Brussels DriveExhibit A to Phase 3119.11Download
Brussels Drive (Retyped)Phase 379.27Download
Caterina Lane (Original Scan)Phase 11398.22Download
Cecilia Court (Retyped)Phase 1298.72Download
Cecilia Loop (Retyped)Phase 13107.15Download
Chantal Circle (Original Scan)Phase 6A427.00Download
Fredrick Court (Not On-Line)Phase 1880.31Download
Gleeson Court (Retyped)Phase 7C82.49Download
Graz Drive (Retyped)Phase 4B91.63Download
Greta Court (Original Scan)Phase 15B370.00Download
Hasselt Drive (Retyped)Phase 180.54Download
Innsbruck Circle (Original Scan)Phase 10A537.91Download
Innsbruck Circle (Original Scan)Phase 10B679.59Download
Landsburg Court (Not On-Line)Phase 980.31Download
Landsburg Lane (Retyped)Phase 882.48Download
Las Villas (Exempted) (Original Scan)Phase 5689.44Download
Liesel Court (Original Scan)Phase 15A373.11Download
Marilene Circle (Retyped)Phase 6B91.26Download
Marta Drive (Original Scan)Phase 16827.28Download
Neuberg Court (Not On-Line)Phase 1780.31Download
Regensberg Lane (Retyped)Phase 882.48Download
Salzburg Court (Original Scan)Phase 14723.84Download
Sophia Lane (Original Scan)Phas 15A373.11Download
Stuttgart Circle (Retyped)Phase 7A86.31Download
Vienna Drive (Retyped)Phase 4A92.69Download
Von Trapp Lane (Original Scan)Phase 16827.28Download

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