Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions... 

Q. Whom do I contact with an issue or question and how soon will I receive a  response?
A. Send an email to and it will be routed to the appropriate person; you should receive an initial response within a day or so.

Q. Who are the board members and what are their terms?
here to see the list of current Board members;  Board members are elected to two-year tems with approximately half of the Board being elected each year.

Q. What are my HOA dues used to pay for?
The budget can be found here (you will need to register for an account and log into the site.)  In short, HOA dues primarily go towards landscaping the common areas, insurance, annual events, and deed restriction enforcement.

Q. What do I do about loud and disturbing neighbors?
The quickest remedy to this type of problem is to call the College Station Police Department's Non-Emergency number, 979-764-3600.  Be sure to ask that the responding officer come by to let you know the resolution of the complaint.

Q. Whom do I contact about parking issues on my street?
The streets are City property, and our covenants cannot regulate property not owned by our homeowners.  College Station Code Enforcement can be contacted at 979-764-6363 and should respond quickly.  If the parking problem is persistent, and you can get the support of your neighbors, make a request to the Board at one of the monthly meetings.  The Board can then petition the City to consider "No Parking" signs on a particular street if the parking issues afftect the passage of emergency vehicles.

Q. What do I do about concerns of too many people in a household?
This is not a restriction governed by our covenants.  If you suspect that a household has more unrelated residents than the City allows, contact College Station Code Enforcement at 979-764-6363.

Q. Why do I have to maintain my yard?
All HOA members benefit when the neighborhood is aethetically pleasing; also, it helps to maintain property values in the neighborhood.

Q. I want to build a shed in my back yard.  What approvals do I need?
Send your request and any drawings or plans you have to  As long as the shed or outbuilding conforms to the covenants, you should receive approval for your project in a day or two.



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